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He Has Been The One Selling The Film And Spending The Money’ – Baba Wande Accuses Tunde Kelani Of Cheating Him



Veteran Nigerian filmmaker, Tunde Kelani has been accused of not sticking to the agreement signed on the 1993 blockbuster movie titled ‘Ti Oluwa ni Ile.’

Naija News learnt that the accusation was levelled against him by popular Yoruba actor, Kareem Adepoju professionally known as Baba Wande.

The actor said Kilani failed to stick to the 30/70% agreement on the proceeds of the movie.

He said as the writer of the film, they both agreed he got 30%, while Kilani as the maker took 70%.

However, Baba Wande while giving an account of his investment and partnership with Kelani over the 1993 film on BBC during an interview said “I don’t know how to lie. He has been the one selling the film and spending the money.”

The veteran actor in his narration said “What happened was that I wrote the story and told Tunde Kelani about that story, he assured me that he would ensure the story was produced as a film. He provided all the equipment used and I provided the story, costumes and invited actors and actresses in the film.

“Tunde Kelani established a production company. He was the one who produced and financed the film. We both agreed that we would split the proceeds of the movies; he would take 70 per cent while I would take 30 per cent.

“The first money we made was #180,000 and I was given #15,000. I had expected 30 per cent of the money made. They claimed there were other expenses but I was not satisfied with what I was given.

“Subsequently, they would only ask me to go and meet the accountant, I wouldn’t know how much was made. Later, people were demanding part two of the film. The film was then very popular. I didn’t want to continue because I was not satisfied with the money they were giving me.”

Baba Wande asserted that all his efforts to get an appreciable amount of proceeds he worked for from Kelani proved abortive until he gave up.

He advanced that, “I later travelled to Abeokuta to meet Kelani and we both wrote parts two and three of the film. I knew if we didn’t finish the film, people would be saying it was Baba Wande that started a film and couldn’t finish it.

“After we finished the film, I stopped getting involved in whatever he was doing and I did not ask for anything from him and he too did not give me anything till today.

“I don’t know how to lie. He has been the one selling the film and spending the money.

“People have advised me to go to court but I declined because we didn’t start with lawyer, we are friends, and it won’t be nice to end up in court.

“I thank God because I don’t have the feeling that I was cheated. God has blessed me

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Outrage As Hilda Baci Reportedly Charges People N25,000 To Meet Her In Abuja



Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci has sparked outrage on social media as reports suggest she is charging a fee of N25,000 for individuals to meet her in Abuja.

On May 15, 2023, Hilda Baci achieved a remarkable feat by surpassing the previous Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time held by Chef Lata Tondon from Rewa, India in 2019.

The Akwa Ibom chef, not only broke Tondon’s record of 87 hours and 45 minutes but went on to cook for an astounding 100 hours and 40 minutes, making her the first individual in the world to spend such an extended duration of time cooking.

Although the Guinness World Record is yet to officially confirm Hilda Baci as the new record holder for the longest cooking marathon, the Nigerian chef has engaged in controversial acts that have triggered widespread criticism and debate within the country.

On Thursday night, reports emerged that Hilda is charging a substantial fee for personal meet-ups in Abuja. It is alleged that individuals are required to pay N25,000 to have a brief encounter with her on June 24, 2023.

While Hilda Baci has not publicly addressed the allegations, the reported fee has ignited public outrage on social media platforms with many Nigerians expressing their disappointment and concern over what they perceive as an exorbitant charge to meet a chef.

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“You Will Forever Live In My Heart And Mind” Actror, Saidi Balogun Grieves As He Loses Younger Sister



Nollywood actor, Saidi Balogun has lost his younger sister, Idiat Balogun Aminu.

The sad news of her demise was shared by the actor via Instagram.

Sharing a photo of his sister, Saidi Balogun expressed sadness at her passing.

The thespian expressed gratitude to God that he shared a womb with her. He vowed that his sister will forever live in his heart as he admitted that he would miss her.

In his words;

“With Greta sadness in my heart, I mourn the passing away of my lovely younger sister, Idiat Balogun Aminu.

I am grateful to God that I shared a womb with you, Idiat. You will forever live in my heart and mind. Rest on my dear. I will miss you”.

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Bobrisky Sleeps with Me Every Night, I Left Because I Can’t Cope With His Demands – Former PA, Oye Kyme



Oye Kyme, an Ivoirian influencer and former personal assistant to Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky, has revealed new details about their previous relationship.

She claimed on Instagram that the celebrity crossdresser used to sleep with her every night when she lived with him.

Bobrisky adopted Oye as his daughter in 2021, but they split up a few months later after the Ivoirian complained that she couldn’t keep up with his demands.

She posted an old video of them together in which Bobrisky revealed to fans that she was his daughter

But Oye Kyme criticized the daughter-mother relationship as a ploy, criticizing the socialite for exhaustingly sleeping with her on a daily basis.

This comes months after Kyme revealed that she has given her life to Christ and wishes people to respect her choice.

She made the announcement during an Instagram live session. However, fans lambasted her over the things she has done with Bobrisky and other men, but she replied that she should not be judged by her past mistakes.

Oye said she never claimed to be perfect or a virgin and the fact that she has decided to turn a new leaf should earn her praises not criticism.

She said she is the only person who knows what she experienced that made her decide to accept Jesus Christ into her life.

The brand influencer who said it is never too late to change for the better, noted that none of the people judging her are superior beings.

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