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Kwara Is Light Years Away From Failures Of PDP days- APC To Saraki



The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State has said the state is now more progressive, prosperous and solid in various sectors of human living than it ever was under the vice-grip of Senator Bukola Saraki, recalling how the  APC government continues to clean the mess Saraki and his boys left in Kwara.

Fidel Info reports that in a statement reacting to the interview that Saraki granted on Monday night, the APC said Saraki in his habitual self-conceit has continued to deny the many evils perpetrated under his watch, such as wanton sale of public properties to cronies, non-payment of salaries, conversion of public assets to private use, and complete breakdown of basic amenities, including education and health care sectors under his watch.

“The interview was just a rehash of his annoying claims that Kwarans were foolish to have rejected him and his party in 2019. He is an unrepentant egoist. To Saraki, it was normal for the Colleges of Education to be shut down for over a year, it was great for the waterworks to collapse despite claims of having spent billions of naira. To Saraki, there was nothing wrong about owing salaries to workers; there was nothing wrong about keeping workers on the same grade level for many years, or paying them percentage salaries, even when he and his appendages were enjoying with public patrimony. Or is it not the same Saraki who awarded himself a humongous pension package and was earning it while workers suffered until he saw signals that the long arm of the law was going to catch up with him because he was also earning salaries from the Senate? What a man!” the party said.

“It is important to state that nothing was working again under his dynasty. Water was not running. His men had stolen UBEC money to the extent of the UBEC banning the state from accessing money again. All of those have been corrected today. Saraki and his boys left a collapsed primary healthcare sector, which has now been revived to the benefits of millions of Kwara.

“Saraki is the least qualified person to lecture any government about management of public finances. He was the first Governor in Kwara State to raise public debt by over 300%. What did the state gain from it? How have Kwarans benefitted from his Shonga scam? He spent 100% of Kwara money on Shoprite with nothing for the state to benefit. He met a debt profile of below N5bn in 2003 and left a debt profile of more than N25bn. It was under his dynasty that Kwara State was ever declared unbankable and insolvent in 2012 owing to their recklessness. Today, Kwara is the number 8th in fiscal health ratings in the country.

“Contrary to the Saraki era when civil servants had to be begging friends and relatives to give them food because of lack of payment of salaries, Kwara is now among the states that are not just up to date in 100%  salary payments but have judiciously implemented the minimum wage with consequential adjustment.

“We also noted some of the habitual lies of Saraki in the said radio programme. He said, among other things, that nothing has been done on the campuses of KWASU. Saraki was talking to Kwara audience, who know the truth or otherwise of his claims. People of Ekiti Local Government and Baruten Local Government know how much of the work the present government has done to complete the Osi and Ilesha Baruba campuses of KWASU, among other projects. This administration is not like the Saraki administration that wickedly abandoned all the projects of his predecessor on account of petty and vindictive politics. This is why the people of the state do not ever trust Saraki, whose agenda is to recapture Kwara State and rule it like a fiefdom as we saw under his predecessor Abdulfatai Ahmed. Saraki should stop dreaming and face reality.”

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Binani Applauds Decision To Declare Adamawa Gubernatorial Election Inconclusive



The All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate in Adamawa State, Aishatu Ahmed Dahiru, popularly known as Binani, has applauded the Independent National Election Commission for its decision to declare the gubernatorial election in the state as inconclusive.

Fidel Info reports that The 18th of March election was declared inconclusive on the 20th of March by the state collation officer of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof Muhammadu Mele of the University of Maiduguri, due to the irregularities in the votes margin.

The incumbent Governor Ahmadu Fintiri and the candidate of the the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), polled 421,524, while Binani polled 390,275.

He said, “Elections were not held in 47 wards, affecting 69 polling units. So, this gives us a margin of 31,249. The total number of PVCs collected in places where elections were not held amounted to 37,016.”

Binani alleged that violence and irregularities were recorded in 16 of the 21 local government areas (LGAs) in the state, hence the decision to declare the elections inconclusive was just.

“My position is that the INEC REC did very well by declaring the result inconclusive and my reasons are simple,” she said on Friday during a monitored programme on Channels Television .

“Whoever saw or monitored the election of Adamawa State knows that the election was marred with violence, rigging, over-voting and all manner of irregularities.”

“The figures that were deposed were really, as far as I’m concerned, concocted figures.”

According to her, several of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) devices were bypassed, allowing for over-voting and intimidation of electoral staff in a number of locations.

“[For instance] if the BVAS accredited only 10 people, you’ll find out that over 30 people must have voted. That is part of irregularities,” she added.

According to her, the only way for the Resident Electoral Commission (REC) to “come out clean” was to declare that result inconclusive.

Citing the Electoral Act, she argued that INEC has the powers to review the results within seven days to determine whether any declaration was made under duress or where it failed to comply with the electoral laws and regulations.

“I’m never afraid, but all I’m asking is that let INEC please conduct a review on this said local governments so that it will bring out the real figures for all the candidates,” the APC candidate said when asked if she was worried about winning the rerun.

“That is all I am asking, and as soon as that is done, we would be home and dry, and then we would be confident to go back to the field.”

On the possibility of becoming the first elected female governor, Ahmed said she feels great and happy.

“I’m not doing this for Binani; I’m not doing this for myself. I’m doing it for every girl child in this country. It’s for all the women in Nigeria,” she added.

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BREAKING: Adeleke Reinstated As Osun State Governor



Ademola Adeleke has been reinstated as governor of Osun state once again by the court of appeal in Abuja.

Fidel Info reports that A three-member panel of justices ruled in Adeleke’s appeal on Friday, concluding that the electoral tribunal erred in finding that Gboyega Oyetola and the All Progressives Congress had proven their claim of excessive voting.

Adeleke is the legitimately elected governor of the state, according to the jury that rendered its decision on Friday.

The Osun governorship election tribunal, in January, held that Oyetola was able to prove that there was over-voting in some of the polling units.

Consequently, the majority judgment of the tribunal ordered INEC to withdraw the certificate of return issued to Adeleke and issue a fresh one to Oyetola as the duly elected governor of Osun.

Dissatisfied with the ruling, Adeleke appealed the judgment.

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Gov-Elect Alex Otti Promises Total Restructuring Of Abia



Alex Otti, the Abia State Governor-elect, has revealed that Abians should expect general restructuring of the state once he assumes office.

Fidel Info reports that while Speaking on Arise Television’s The Morning Show, Otti said in the next few days he would appoint a team that would help him, adding that he would create a bigger and more robust economy in Abia.

Otti said, “In the next few days, I will appoint a team that will be sworn in on the 29 of May. I will appoint the right people who will help me.”

“We will look at a lot of things, but we will take it step by step, including revenue.”

“As of yesterday, I have already started engaging banks. Things they will expect is a general restructuring of Abia.”

He added, “There is no problem in taking loans, but the problem is what you do with the loans. Payment of salaries is my priority.”

“We will create a bigger economy, a robust economy, we will do everything possible to ensure our economy grows.”

NEC Returning Officer in the state, Prof Nnenna Nnannaya-Oti, declared Otti the winner of the Abia State Gubernatorial election on Wednesday evening after the resumption of the final collation of governorship election results in Umuahia.

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