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AbdulMajeed Inspects, As Gov. AbdulRazaq Replaces Collapsed Machines At Harmony Diagnostic Centre



Mallam Abdullahi Abdulmajeed, the group managing director and chief executive officer of Harmony Holdings Limited, visited Harmony Advanced Diagnostic Centre (HADC), a subsidiary firm of Harmony Holdings that operates in the healthcare sector, on Wednesday.

After receiving fresh funding from Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for its revitalization, the center has just taken receipt of several newly acquired machines to improve its operating capability and service delivery.

In both the laboratory and radiological areas of the facility, the GMD/CEO viewed the recently acquired equipment alongside some older ones that had been fixed.

Speaking on the sidelines of the inspection tour, the GMD/CEO confirmed that the lab section of the centre is now at 100 per cent operational capacity. He however clarified that the radiological section of the centre has only attained 50 per cent operational capacity and is primed for full operational capacity in the next one week when repair work is finalised and another set of new machines is delivered.

Abdulmajeed explained to press men how the Governor AbdulRazaq-led administration inherited collapsed machines and backlogs of obligations at the diagnostic centre.

According to him, “The first set of interventions made by His Excellency Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq concerning Harmony Advanced Diagnostic Centre (HADC) was to clear the backlogs of service level agreement fees due to G.E that had accumulated between 2017 and 2019 to the tune of N10 million. He also approved the disbursement of funds for the preventive maintenance of all the machines that had broken down in the centre. That was before His Excellency even settled down in office. It was about the same time he was fixing the abandoned secretariat project, tackling the water question and doing so many other interventions across sectors.

“The intervention revived the operational capacity of the centre. When I also got appointed as GMD/CEO in December 2019, we made an appeal to His Excellency for funds to fix the UPS machines that also went down at the time. We got the approval to do so and it enhanced the service delivery and operations of the company to the extent that we funded our overhead and maintenance cost from what we made during the period. I should not also forget that His Excellency at the early days of his administration facilitated the procurement of a brand new haematology analyser for the centre.”

The Harmony Holdings chief explained that the new investments come as the centre witnessed breakdown of machines some months back which affected its service delivery and operational capacity.

He added that the machines are susceptible to breaking down because many of them were aged even as at the time they were delivered under the last administration.

“They were also closed-system machines which meant that they can only be repaired by their manufacturers. Getting them to fix it took a lot of negotiations, time and efforts,” he added.

The list of machines newly procured include, Auto Chemistry Analyser, FIA Meter Plus, 2-Channel Coagulation Analyser, Electrolyte Analyser, Haematology Analyser (5-part), and Electrophoretic Machine.

The CT Scan 16 Slice Machine and Mammography Machine are also now working perfectly after repair and maintenance work, while the Fluoroscopy Machine, X-ray Machine and Ultrasound Machine are still undergoing repair which would conclude soon.

The new investment into the centre also included the renovation and facelift of the physical environment which is about the biggest since its inception.

Outstanding salaries of staff during the operational downtime have also been cleared, and there is new investment in the human capital with restaffing, restructuring, redeployment and management structure transformation.

Abdulmajeed lamented that despite sinking billions of naira into the establishment of the centre, the previous administration did not declare profit at anytime in their years of stewardship.

They also engaged Mediquip Medical Services, a consultant touted to be of international standard, to manage the centre, with no profit made or dividends sent into the coffers of the government. This is even as the previous administration continued to fund the centre under private management with subventions.

He alluded to the case of Kwara Hotel whose management was transferred to a private company without results on deliverables, noting what his administration has been doing is turnaround management to fix the rots across board.

“There was no asset replacement plan. The previous administration left hundreds of million naira in contractual obligations with BOTAD in respect of the first and only set of machines they got for the centre.”

The GMD/CEO meanwhile announced 25 per cent discount on all lab procedures of the centre for one month, starting from Thursday, September 22nd.

He said it was a way of placating Kwarans for the disappointment they witnessed during the downtime.

The chief executive wooed the general public to patronise the centre which he said now has a full operational capacity for lab procedures.

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2023: Kwara PDP and Fake Campaign Promises- Adebayo Faruk



Since political campaigns have begun proper, the Kwara state Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has made series of fake campaign promises that Kwarans have welcomed with derision. The recent one was made by the state Publicity Secretary Mr. Tunji Moronfoye. He said PDP would restore the dignity of civil servants if given the opportunity to govern the State in 2023. In the release, he accused the Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq-led administration of making mess of civil servants’ dignity.

It’s public knowledge that it was Tunji Moronfoye’s PDP that made mess of the dignity of the state’s civil servants. PDP treated civil servants like overused clothes and made them suffer for being diligent and patriotic. It was in the Saraki’s inglorious 20 years that the civil servants were made to work for 30 days only to be paid geri-gedi salaries (amputated salaries), and sometimes no pay at all. Still, workers dare not protest the inhumaneness. Of course, Kwara PDP ruled with iron fist.

Kwara PDP didn’t only owe civil servants salaries, it also halted their promotions. PDP was in power when APC-led federal government implemented the N30,000 minimum wage but it didn’t implement it because it’s committed to desecrating the dignity of the civil servants.

Thanks to Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for revamping the dignity of civil servants since he assumed office. The civil servants are no longer in doubt if they would receive their full salaries at the end of the month. The current state government pays salaries as and when due. It implemented the N30,000 minimum wage PDP couldn’t implement. It’s promoting civil servants who are due for promotion. To encourage state’s workers, this government offers the best civil servants gifts and prizes, including a motor car.

If Mr. Tunji Moronfoye wants to be sincere with Kwarans and do away with fake campaign promises, he’ll acknowledge that the AbdulRazaq-led administration is delivering on its campaign promises to civil servants. It’s a known fact that civil servants have been better under the current state government compared to under the Saraki led People’s Democratic Party.

Like other PDP’s fake campaign promises, Tunji Moronfoye has hinted civil servants that the PDP government would return them to the sorry state Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq met them from by returning to former Governor Ahmed’s legacy of geri-gedi. This is more reason why Kwarans and most especially civil servants shouldn’t vote to have a PDP government that will inflict pains on them and comfort its party loyalists with their salaries.

Adebayo Faruk writes from Oke-Ose, Ilorin, Kwara state

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Kwara State Govt Set To Reward Excellence In Students



The Kwara State Government through the Office of the Special Assistant to the Governor on Students’ Affairs is set to reward academic excellence and worthy character among Kwara State students, both in the state and beyond.

Fidel Info reports that this gesture is aimed at enhancing the efforts of Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq led administration in putting the welfare of Kwara students first and encouraging excellence for growth and societal development as this is coming few days after the e-payment of students bursary was flagged-off. (more…)

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Kwara Govt Approves Scholarship For Nigerian Law Students



Kwara State Government has approved scholarship for Kwara Students in Nigerian Law accross the Country.

Fidel Info reports that the Commissioner for Tertiary Education Dr Alabi Afees Abolore made this known today in ilorin,while Congratulating the Law School Graduands on their Call-to-Bar Ceremony at the instance of His Excellency Mallam Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq and the Government of Kwara State.

Dr Abolore reiterated the AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq led Administration’s high level Commitment at ensuring Students welfare are treated with priority attention. This is coming while disbursement of the bursary to kwara state students is also ongoing.

He Congratulated the Graduands on their achievements and charged them to be good ambassadors of the State at various levels

Dr Abolore assured that the Ministry in collaboration with the State Scholarship  board would take swift action to ensure that disbursement is offered to the beneficiaries anytime soon

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