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Saraki’s 419 Northern PDP “Consensus” Candidacy By Farooq Kperogi



Bukola Saraki manipulated “northern elders” led by Professor Ango Abdullahi to simultaneously endorse him AND Bauchi State governor Bala Mohammed as the North’s “consensus candidates” for PDP’s presidential primaries.

But by what woolly arithmetic logic do two distinct people emerge as the “consensus candidates” of one region?

Well, Abdullahi reportedly said Saraki and Mohammed were “required to make further concessions so that in the end, one of them would be presented as the consensus candidate.” 😂How?

Of course, other PDP candidates have dismissed the “northern consensus” exercise as an immature political flimflam.

The clearest indication that the consensus circus was perpetrated by Saraki (with Bala Mohammed as one of the supporting cast) emerged from what Ango Abdullahi said about the “third phase” in the “zonal assessment” of the PDP candidates from the North.

He said the North-Central has not had an opportunity to present a candidate for election in the PDP since 1999 but stopped short of saying Saraki should therefore be the region’s consensus candidate.

It’s true, of course, that the North-Central hasn’t produced a president since 1999. It’s also valid to make the case that in the interest of representational justice in the North, the Northcentral should be favored to produce PDP’s candidate.

(For the record, my own personal preference, about which I’ve already written, is for the next president to come from the South-east, which has also not produced a president since 1999, in the interest of national unity).

But Saraki himself doesn’t believe in the sort of representational justice he wants to benefit from at the national level.

Kwara PDP zoned its governorship ticket to Kwara North (which consists of the Baatonu people of Baruten, the Bokobaru people of Kaiama, and the Nupe people of Edu and Patigi) in recognition of the political and symbolic marginality of the area in the state.

Of the three ethnic groups that make up Kwara North, only the Baatonu and Bokobaru people (who used to belong to what was called Western Borgu in the old Kwara State and who’re ethnic, cultural, and historical cousins) have never produced a governor.

The Nupe had Shaaba Lafiagi in the stillborn Third Republic, and most of them in PDP have conceded that, in the interest of symbolic unity, former Western Borgu (i.e., Baruten and Kaiama) should have the privilege to present the party’s next candidate.

But what did Saraki do? He arbitrarily and unilaterally decided that PDP’s governorship ticket should again go to Nupe people for no other reason than that he has a slavishly dutiful stooge from the place that he wants to puppeteer like he did former Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed who was a governor only in name.

Because of Saraki’s egocentric shortsightedness, PDP is now all but certain to lose the next governorship election in Kwara State even though Kwara APC is at its most vulnerable state since 2019 in light of its enduringly enervating internal turmoil, which pits Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrazak’s camp against Lai Mohammed’s in an intense battle of supremacy.

How can a self-conceited, thoughtless, and narcissistic political bully like Saraki who has shown a chilly disdain for fairness in the representational politics of his own state expect to benefit from the same ideal at the national level?

Most importantly, though, why does Saraki need “consensus” to emerge as PDP presidential candidate? Why is he in dread of actual democratic contest against other contenders in a primary election?

I think it’s because he realizes that his political star has dimmed irretrievably in both Kwara State and nationally, so he wants to get his political desires through dishonest shortcuts.

For years, he’d ridden on the coattails of his late dad, who was a way better politician than he is, but the coattails are now threadbare and past their sell-by date.


Jubilation As Kwaran Emerges Chancellor Of UK Varsity



Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has congratulated Mrs Yekemi Otaru (née Awoseyin) on her installation as the chancellor of University of West Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Mrs Otaru, an entrepreneur known for her mentorship programme and support for women in many third world countries, is the daughter of Dr Raphael Sunday Awoseyin from Ayedun town of Oke Ero Local Government Area of Kwara State.

In a statement obtained by The FidelinfoNews issued by the Governor’s Chief Press Secretary, the statement reads:

“We express our congratulations to Mrs Yekemi Otaru, her family, and the Oke Ero community on this historic feat. We are proud to see another Kwaran becoming a historic figure that is celebrated for her accomplishments and her commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion,” the Governor said.

“We believe that Mrs Otaru’s story, and similar ones like hers, will continue to inspire younger ones to succeed at what they do and commit to greater ideals in the service of humanity.”

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Osun: Make Provision For Disabilities, APC Tells INEC



The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has been urged by the All Progressives Congress (APC) to offer provision for voters with impairments as the Osun governorship election approaches (PWD).

The party’s National Leader for Persons Living with Disabilities (PWDs), Hon. Tolu Bankole, in a statement obtained on Friday, told INEC to show demonstrable improvement on election day by making sure those who have one physical challenge or the other can vote without hassles on July 16.

While commending INEC for the voter education and sensitization training for visually impaired voters on the use of Braille Ballots ahead of the Osun 2022 election, Bankole noted that the commission must allay the fears of people with special needs and assure them that Osun would be an improvement on “the noticable flaws” witnessed in the recently held Ekiti election.

According to him, for an election to be credible, its process must be well understood by the electorates irrespective of their status.

He stated, therefore, that the votes of Persons With Disabilities, considering their huge numbers, must count on election day.

To guarantee the inclusion of the physically challenged in the election, the APC National Working Committee (NWC) member, advised INEC to address issues bothering on: absence of braille easy language; lack sign language interpreters at polling units; lack of dedicated queue for the physically challenged; restriction of vehicular movements on election day among others.

He enjoined INEC to justify the inclusion of persons living with disability in the Electoral Act by improving on the noticeable flaws in the Ekiti gubernatorial election.

He called on all eligible PWDs voters in Osun to go out en masse and vote, without fear of molestation and harassment, saying the new electoral law has paved the way for them o be incorporated into the electoral process.


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AbdulRazaq Congratulates Offa-Born Laws Scholar On Professorial Rank



Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has congratulated Offa-born law scholar Yusuf Abdulrasheed Musa on his elevation to the rank of a full professor of law at the University of Abuja.

In a statement on Friday, the Governor commended Professor Abdulrasheed for being a good inspiration to current and upcoming generations, saying the elevation was deserving and a pointer to greater things ahead.

“I congratulate our brother and a distinguished Kwaran, Prof. Yusuf Abdulrasheed, on this academic accomplishment. His story is a fine example of how hard work, determination, brilliance, and being steadfast in one’s belief in God can make all the difference in the life of a man,” the Governor said in the statement.

“We especially appreciate the law professor for being a promoter of dialogue and peace back home. We pray Allah to continue to protect the law scholar and grant him good health and long life to reap the fruits of his labour.”

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