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EXCLUSIVE: Boot Camp X Leadership Academy, a Virtual Academy Making a Difference



Boot Camp X Leadership Academy

Muhammed Akinyemi, the founder of Boot Camp X Leadership Academy, is an all-rounder. He fancies technology, entrepreneurship, journalism, mental health, feminist ideologies, leadership, etc. and is involved in their advancements. As an undergraduate of the University of Ilorin, he was intentional about leaving a legacy that is integral to developing potentials. His “whatever it takes” mantra has driven him this far.

When he was in 300-level, he observed the need to create a sustainable leadership model because administrations within and outside tertiary institutions defile maintaining the standard of their predecessors. He was passionate about trailblazing with a student governmental post within a notable journalism community. He lost the election.

However, what mattered was the value he had within, not the capacity or office.
Boot Camp X is a leadership camp for nurturing young African minds towards personal growth and continental development. A platform of youth that seeks to create a better future for themselves and their countries.

A New Beginning
On the eve of 2019, Akinyemi shared this dream with two friends; he aimed to start a virtual academy. “We wanted to do sustainable leadership, to create a sustainable leadership model. I don’t want people to be dependent on me. I want them to be dependent on their skills”. At this period, his friends were creating a heritage for themselves. They built names around themselves, not names attached to Muhammed Akinyemi or anyone else. This would be the Founder’s ultimate goal in mentorship.

On the same night, Akinyemi, Mr Abdulrahman, and Mr Makanjuola wrote a draft: recommended capable persons and contacted mentors with a purview of their plans. The Founder spent his New Year day planning, reaching out, and drafting. The emails he sent to mentors received plausible feedback. Thus, began the Boot Camp X Leadership Academy. Akinyemi, later on, admitted, “we learnt on the job”.

Both Camp X’s mission and vision were swayed by the Founder’s drive to inspire many people. “Collaboration is the new competition”, the reaffirmation of what the academy stands for manifests all its functions. It aims to help young people connect with opportunities and tutorship in fields like Content Development, Community Development, Goal-setting, Personal Branding, Scholarship Applications, Leadership, and others.
Akinyemi recognizes the need for mentorship.

He notes that no matter what books or guides have been written, we can’t say we have guides until we have solved the problem. By doing, we learn. It’s easier to ask people for tips; mentorship simplifies the journey. The academy functions to “accelerate growth by bringing many doers into one place.”
When asked about plans to grow beyond national borders, he laughed, stating that he is not under pressure. “In the end, whatever wealth I acquire, I want to die having a foundation that advances literary and literature in Africa.” He adds that he doesn’t want to charge people. To him, development should be free.

Cohorts and Mentors
As a leadership academy that strives to enhance sustainability in various fields, the journey is endless. By ripple effect, the academy has reached about 1 million people while its direct impact is barely 100. In the Cohort I, 12 young and thriving participants were mentored by eight professionals, Cohort II had 25 participants with nine international trainers. And Lexxons, a series of lockdown classes, was based on entrepreneurial skills.

Mr Ayobami Adesina, a participant of Cohort I, confessed that the academy was a leveller for him. “There was a lot of information, a lot of knowledge, and confidence,” he said, with emphasis on “confidence.” Boot Camp X came to him when he was “struggling and trying” to define himself. He knows the “whatever it takes” mantra by heart and has recommended the academy to some of his friends. During his time, he and others celebrated “people who took giant strides to unfurl their identities.”
Mr Balogun, a Cohort I tutor, acknowledges the novelty of the academy’s concept: “A lot of people need direction … in career…growth, potentials… He (Akinyemi) wanted certain people to come on board for fundamental practical” across many disciplines for free. Just like Akinyemi, teaching those students was a way to recognize and assist young people critical about growth. “It should remain impact driven,” he mentioned, not financially driven because society needs development. Sanni Isa will later admit that this impact would enhance continuity and growth.

Ms Chykah Bro taught as a Guest Tutor. She believes in the longevity of the academy because it encourages the “values which are on the decline in society”. One thing she emphasizes on is that: mentees, which she described as goal-oriented, could transform to mentors one day, or become ambassadors spreading the light of Boot Camp X’s vision and philosophy in whatever capacity they hold.

Mr Sanni Isa, a student senator during his university days, also mentored at Cohort I. He aligns with the Camp’s vision to improve people’s lives and “help them find clarity”. “My impression was that they (directors and mentees) were really committed,” he said. “In teaching sustainable leadership … the program itself must be a reflection of that model,” which is why Boot Camp X must remain exceptional.

Structure solders the society of man. At the peak of every structure, leadership is essential; this is the maxim of Boot Camp X Leadership Academy. People do not conceptualize the sustainable leadership model; therefore, it becomes easy when the academy applies this model in its administrative capacity to inspire people. Boot Camp X’s direction is promising, irrespective of the challenges that lay ahead. Out of the zeal for development, there is the need to expand, execute, and provide.
The Founder didn’t start the academy as a perfunctory activity, he did it because he had a vision and a goal which it has maintained so far.

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