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Reasons Why You Must Define Your Love Relationship


When I say DEFINING your relationship, I mean stating what you want in the relationship and what you don’t want, your dos and your don’ts. How you want the relationship to look like.

The only good you can do to yourself is defining your relationship before going into it.

Now this is it, We wonder why we have broken relationships here and there, toxic relationships, unhappy relationships, and many more. I would bet you that the greatest reason why people face problems in their relationships is because they never DEFINED it..

They never talked about it, they just went to it because of Peer pressure or because they were blindfolded by love or because they want to feel among, and then they end up having problems.

When going into a relationship,

Sit your partner down, this is where communication in relationship comes in.
Sit your partner down, ask them everything you need to know about them, even if it’s going to sound stupid still ask and forget about the stupidity. Ask about their immediate family, their likes and dislikes, what they want the relationship to be like, what pisses them off and many more questions as it comes to your head.

The truth is that you can’t know everything about your partner but at least you get to know the basic things.

Now this is where I’m driving to, just decided to digress.

When you ask some girls why they broke up with their partner they will tell you “he was demanding for sex and I’m not ready to give him. I want to be a celibate till marriage ”

The thing is, if such people actually defined their relationship before going into it like telling their partner they are not ready to have sex in their relationship, then if the guy is not cool with it he might not go into the relationship.
But because we never defined it, so we face these problems.

In a nutshell
DEFINING your relationship is very good and important.

Aisha Badmos is the CEO of Aishaspeaksfact, a relationship platform.
She is the head of lifestyle and relationship unit of fidelinfo and be reached via Email:
YouTube @ Aisha speaks fact
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