Esinrogunjo And Betrayal Trauma By Ishowo Oluwatosin.

Ishowo Oluwatosin

A lot has trailed Esinrogunjo’s audio record that circulated across social media platforms during the week. It has raised a lot of questions and drew attention from all quarters, what kind of man threatens to kill the Governor of his state?

How the audio got to the public remains a mystery but it is not also difficult to understand that “your friends have access to what your enemies don’t”. However, it is clear the death threat was an exaggeration on Esinrogunjo’s part, even though he made attempts to deny it which further validated the authenticity of the audio, it doesn’t invalidate the fact that his fear is collectively shared by most APC members in the state.

It is however unfortunate that those who laboured and took the front seat for the Governor are just realising it is easy to seize power but very difficult to preserve it. Another interesting part is their wrong impression of AA being docile because of his reticence, it’s also interesting that he is disappointing all of them and teaching all of us that there is no manual for exercising power.

The efforts of Esinrogunjo can’t be undermined in GAA’s victory even though if a Ghanaian had contested against Saraki and his disciples in the last election, he could have won because people wanted just anybody but Saraki in the state. But the question of what next after victory of the allied warriors against a dynasty remains a rhetorical question to which even Esinrogunjo himself can hardly provide a word of an answer. However, Esinrogunjo embarrasses himself because he saw politics as “occupation” and people who view politics as such usually end up taking the back seat.

The post-election betrayal trauma Esinrogunjo is experiencing contradicts the principles and ideology in which APC adopted to market themselves to the people and their later acceptance into government house. They sold messages of hope that a son of nobody can become somebody and not “Leader so pe”. But where are the sons of nobody today?The status quo remains. Absence or void of clear-cut leadership before and after victory has created a wedge, resulting in emergence of many leaders of equal means.

Three interesting areas are paramount in politics, that is: power, betrayal and revenge and Gov AA is sufficiently exhibiting the three. It was obvious from the start that APC’s marriage of inconvenience among its deferring bedfellows was not just an early but forced one; dutifully managed by multiplicity of interests.

Esinrogunjo’s actions can be no wiser than his thoughts and his thinking can be no wiser than his understanding about the governor. A man like Esinrogunjo bidding for a local government chairman is a clear indication that he can’t differentiate between ability and motivation and the governor is merely helping him and others who feel like him to know their place, when 2023 is near, “we will call you to go and do what you know how to do best on radio stations and get paid” for it. Who could ever think Esinrogunjo will praise Saraki’s leadership and compare him with the present realities, the same Saraki that he and other radio parrots used their blood and water to discredit, so he can acknowledge visible Saraki’s stellar performances?

One should never mock a situation he hasn’t endured, because when life hits you, you might become everything you ever criticized describes Esinrogunjo and his betrayal trauma. The viral audio as a reference point.

Conclusively, would it not be nice if the Governor realises early enough that problems that are left unattended to have potential ability to become crisis?. Esinrogunjo may be wrong but a lot of party members want his neck truly. The division within the party, the federal ministers vs the governor is a path to a gloomy future for APC in the state. It is also signaling that his second term bid will be full of drama and interesting for political audience in the state.

As we all await the next episodes of “Justice League” series from Kwara APC, enjoy the weekend.

ISHOWO, Isiaq Oluwatosin
gmail: tosinishowo2015@gmail.com
Twitter: @Tosinishowo

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