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3 Importance Of Communication In A Relationship

Communication Is the exchange of information through writing, speaking and other means. While relationship in this context is the intimate connection between two people.

Communication is very important in our relationships, infact it’s one of the key factor that holds a relationship. Communication is the biggest key to a successful relationship.

It’s good if you can maintain good communication skill with your patner. Not being able to communicate with your partner can lead to stress, trust issues and even frustration and It can also lead to destruction of the relationship.

How to communicate well with your partner.

1. Listen to what your partner has to say. That is, give your partner listening ears on whatsoever they want to talk about. Understand what they want and how they feel. Then you can speak in return. Speaking together at once could cause fights.

2. Always communicate at the right time.
Sometimes when something is bothering you and you really need to say it out but you observed that your partner is not really in a good mood. Saying it at that particular time could cause a fight, so in this situation, you need to communicate when the person is in a good mood, probably at night before you both sleep, or when he or she is calm. Communicating at the right time matters a lot.

3. Communicate calmly.
If you start pointing fingers and shouting, the relationship will not go anywhere. So be calm when communicating so it wont escalate. It is always good to communicate face to face to avoid untrue assumptions.

No matter how much and how well you know your patner, you still need to communicate to avoid arguments, quarrel and misunderstandings. You cannot read your partner’s mind, so you need to communicate to know what they have in mind.

Two people make up a relationship, but each individual has their communication styles. Find out your type of communication skill and make good use of it, partners should find a communication skill that suits their relationship also.

Sometimes you don’t need to speak before you communicate, Your body gestures can also do a great communication, We might actually say something and we don’t mean it, Words might fail you, words might not be able to qualify what you want to say, but your body gestures can.

This non verbal means of communication can depicts how we feel about them.

Conclusively, Communicating with your patner is very important and will do good to the relationship, Communication can only make your relationship, it wont break it.

Learn to adopt good communication skills and do have a wonderful relationship.

Aisha Badmos is the CEO of
Aishaspeaksfact, a relationship platform.
She is the head of lifestyle and relationship unit of fidelinfo and be reached via Email:, 08025303932

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