Atunwa would never be Governor! That was exactly my words on an online platform, and just some few seconds later, I got a reply from one of his apologist, and he snarled his question at me, just like a thunderstorm would strike a thatch roof, I could feel the angst inside of him even though I wasn’t physically seeing him. Are you God?!, he asked. I wasn’t particularly perturbed with the question, as words are said to be swords in the hands of a writer, needless to point out that a sword is double-edged, hence, words can be translated in more ways than one.

Heaven is the supreme house, man is the supreme creature, the rain is the supreme thread, the sun is the supreme illumination, the judgement day is the supreme court, and Almighty God is the supreme being. Hence, it’s not only foolhardy to compare man with God, it’s an acute negation to common sense to even ask the question, jokingly, seriously, or otherwise. To cut it short, I’m not God! I’m just one of the numerous creatures of God, a slave that is meant to serve His Kingdom, and one who believes in the supremacy of God.

All being said, I still stand on my tentacles, and I dare to repeat myself, Atunwa would never be Governor! Since it’s already been settled that I’m just a slave of the creator, I would also add that I’m neither a sooth-sayer nor a doom-sayer, but I’m a fact-sayer. As a scientist, I strongly believe that history is the mother of science, it’s also a known fact that history would always repeat itself, the more reason why our actions are always presumed on what has happened in past times. If something has happened before, be sure that it would still happen again, to prevent it’s re-occurence, lots of sacrifices must be made, and that’s exactly what the liberation struggle is all about.

Whether Atunwa would emerge come March 2nd or not is God’s decisions and not mine to make, but my headache and the migraine of all true Kwarans should start now, we need to brainstorm before we brain-crash. Why should we cast our vote for a man who would never be a Governor? Why should we thumb on the ballot for a man who is a stooge? Why should we file on a line for a man who is a decision taker and not a decision maker? Why should we stress ourselves over a man who wouldn’t be accountable to the masses but a single man? We need to ask ourselves some pertinent questions before we finally decide to vote for a man who would never be a Governor!

If we don’t get it right now, we may never get it right again, it’s high time we eschew all personal affiliations, self-centered sentiments, it’s not about Ótó gé or Ótun ya, it’s not about hate or love, neither is it about gains or loss, Wahabi Issa is a good candidate, but can that be said about others? Bolaji Abdullahi, Ali Ahmad, even Ahman Patigi Bahago are also good candidates, then why the choice of Atunwa? A man who people from Ilorin West/ Asa and Iloriin as a whole sees as a generational failure during his time at the Federal House of Representatives. The questions would be answered soonest!
A river who forgets it’s source would definitely dry up, a man who forgets his roots and history would definitely get lost, hence, I would like to make reference to history, as history is said to be the best teacher ever, I only hope all Kwarans would learn from history, and not allow emotions or sentiments betray our logical reasoning.

A statement was allegedly credited to the Executive Governor of Kwara State (Governor on paper and Assistant/Deputy Governor in reality), the handsome, eloquent, and competent man from Share town in Ifelodun local government of the State, Alhaji (Dr.) Abdulfatah Ahmed. Did I say competent? Yes, and I mean it, his incompetence was actually because he wasn’t the Governor, he doesn’t call the shots, most of appointments aren’t made by him, most things are done by the giant Governor-general. My competent ‘Assistant Governor’ was rumoured to have said: ‘If Saraki asks me to leave the government house today, I would pack out’. If this statement is true, the question I would ask well-meaning Kwarans is that, who elected him? Is it Saraki or the masses? Your guess is as good as mine, it’s Saraki, hence, it’s time the masses elect their own Governor, a Governor who would be accountable to none but the people, and that time is now!

Let’s all imagine the statement credited to our Assistant Governor is false and misleading, what of the recent kind gesture in embryo, which actually happens to be an investment, that would be reaped in multiple folds if we elect another Assistant Governor in the mould of Atunwa. Saraki promised to pay the salary arrears of all local government workers in the State, he has actually started in one of the local government in the Kwara South senatorial district. If I may ask, who is in charge of paying salaries? Is it the Governor or the Senate President, even if the State government can’t pay, and the Senate President has the means, why can’t he collaborate with the State government and make disbursements through it? But it’s obvious that the Assistant Governor has been used, he is no longer useful to the establishment, little wonder his Senate ticket was snatched from him, and Saraki could go live on Radio to claim that governance overwhelmed him and his appointtees. Isn’t that quite funny?!

Let’s also put the above aside, as it may be a mistake from the Governor-general (Saraki). Let’s now dissect the dynasty hegemony’s campaigns leading to the 2019 general elections. Abubakar Bukola Saraki is contesting for the Senatorial seat of Kwara Central District while Atunwa is contesting for the Gubernatorial seat. Isn’t it unusual that someone contesting for a single senatorial district’s campaign is more active and vibrant than someone contesting for a position seeking to govern three (3) senatorial districts? Why is Saraki going from North to South while he’s supposed to be in Central? Why is he telling people to forgive the aspirants for his sake? Don’t the aspirants have their own personalities? Why can’t they campaign on their personal records? It’s just a pointer to the fact that Saraki is the one contesting, as he has always done, and I dare to say that he is contesting for fifth (5th) term!

Issa Mutolib Ayobami (Megabyte) is the coordinator of Society for Continuum of Change and Development (SCCD)

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