If there’s one thing I hate writing about it is an opinion on Ilorin, my fatherland. It gives me no joy having to wield the hammer I called a pen and land it hardly on the baldhead of my homeland. If I were to describe how I felt each time I wrote an opinion on any incidence regarding this land, no time, I say none, and no time did I felt good. And the reasons are not farfetched; I am always torn in between emotions and saying the naked truth. It had never been lost on me that family, no matter what, is family. However, it seems I am alone on that, maybe I am not. But the odds seem small. The thinking ones, specifically among the youth, are not much. The recent actions and inactions, reports and incidences of immortality and irresponsibility by some sons and daughters of the Emirate clearly affirm my earlier stance. And this time, neither for emotions or fear of misunderstanding would I

be garbing irresponsibility with the robe of nobility or be dressing a clear, crestfallen values and moral virtues in Ilorin for beauty and pride. This land is unwell; and her sons
need attention!

Yet, I am surprised these people are not worried by the slow but steady dearth of morals and values in the Emirate. I am bewildered how the supposed land of Sheiks and Ulamaas is fast becoming hub for louts and ritualists and breeding ground for immoral youth. And I might not have bulged like many others if this were not the land I grew on because I wouldn’t have known what disaster has befallen our high moral stands. And I might have minded my ways if it was not my fatherland immorality, irresponsibility and inhumanity is building a fortress on. But before the blade of injustice and inequity slits the throat of this ancient land, a warrior has to step us to secure its existence. And that’s it; who will save Ilorin from dishonour?

Who will take the blame for the show of shame, exhibition of stupidity and parody of authority by some youth at the annual cultural event of Ilorin Emirate Descendant Progressive Union? Who will take the axe for the height of disrespect, disgrace, scorn and ridicule accorded Ilorin, the revered land of knowledge? It’s you. Yes me. And them. The political powerful becoming fools of power. It’s those merchants of vested interest who are blinded by greed, lust and avarice. It’s those gullible, misguided, brainwashed youth who are with eyes blinded to the reality. It’s us all who have forgotten how to love and care for the land we eat the harvest. Yet, it’s this land that will bleed because these children have forgotten how to cry. Tomorrow will have them scheming not thinking how to robe her from nakedness. What a people!

However, for a father whose son defiled his new wife, there’s no talk of plea for peace. For a land hoping to grow the trees of boundless branches, is it not a disappointment not having the buds sprout on it? Ilorin is presently an inattentive, uncaring and disinteresting mother hoping for cultured, well-mannered children. I wonder if such falls from heaven. This is why the Emir should be greatly concerned now before ‘Omoye’ dash into the market, the Emirate should get it clothed. There’s no point in acting positivity when all is not well. Unless we make prompt measures, politics is hellbent on stealing the peace and harmony of this land. And the 53rd IEDPU chaos was the last demo we needed. I hope we remember the story of Mother Hen and Hawk. Only that in this case, Politics [ political leaders
] is the Hawk who would steal the children ( gullible youth)for food.
Unless somebody step up to stop her, Ilorin is presently like a Mualimah[ a learned, educated and religious muslim woman] dancing in the market place. The unbecoming is becoming!

Ibraheem Abdullateef, a social commentator and political analyst writes from Ilorin. He can be reached via email eggheadibra@gmail.com.

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