The Atiku campaign team did some research before the PDP presidential campaign flag off in the North Central of Nigeria, which held at the Metropolitan Square in Kwara State.

It was revealed that campaigning with Saraki’s name in Kwara State will be the deadliest move by the PDP because the name is an already damaged brand.

Saraki,on getting hold of the information which showed that even Atiku who isn’t from Kwara State is more popular than him,so out of all the options at his disposal he pick the best which it is to market himself with the Atiku brand as to add some values to his already damaged brand which is not even at the limelight of getting back to it usual self.

In doing that he promptly directed that all billboards and posters which is to be for the flag off and campaign in Kwara State must bear the pictures of Atiku,Obi and Saraki.

Atiku’s team were not amused on their arrival to Kwara State for the the PDP Presidential Flag Off and also with the bill boards and poster which bear the pictures of the names earlier mentioned.

They were left wondering if Saraki’s picture was placed there as the leader of PDP, Atiku Campaign DG or as a Senatorial candidate in the state.

This left them with so many questions which among the questions is:

If there isn’t any ulterior motives behind Saraki’s picture appearing with the one of Atiku and Obi on the billboard, why doesn’t the bill board bear the picture of the state governor?, And so many others.

It is crystal clear that the Saraki dynasty has come to an end in Kwara, the acclaimed leader of politics in Kwara State is just struggling in a pitiful manner to do all he can at least for him to survive.

I therefore use this opportunity to call the attention of the ATIKU Campaign Organization and our great party People’s Democratic Party to this fact so that Saraki’s over bloated ego and insincerity won’t mar the chances of our candidate. If possible,the organization should find a way of getting a likeable personality who need not use the candidacy of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to repair his image to take over as campaign DG, since we have the able Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo whose image is the pride of the North.

Abdulraheem Shakir
North Central Atiku/Obi Youth Vanguard

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